Gang Saw Segments

Diamond Gang Saws have now become the standard method of slabbing marble, limestones and some sandstones. Stay Sharp manufactures segments to suit all kinds of marbles from the crystalline and the softest to the hardest, coloured ones. We also produce segments for all the limestones and most sandstones.


  • •  Segments designed specifically to achieve optimum results on any kind of application at the lowest cost
  • •  Three-layer sandwich to achieve straight cutting under stringent conditions
  • •  Five layers to achieve fast and straight cutting under the most demanding circumstances


  • •  Segment thickness suitable for 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 3.5mm
    steel blade thickness
  • •  Diamond height between 7.5mm to 11mm
  • •  Straight, conical or trapezoid in shape
  • •  Single layer, 3 layer sandwich or 5 layers